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Item Card overview
Item Card overview
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The AGR item card provides a wealth of information for each item within a location (stock keeping unit). You have a comprehensive overview of the item’s historical demand, stock trends, orders, statistical forecasts, and more.

You have the flexibility to modify numerous data points via the item card and AGR will promptly update everything affected so you can see the results of your changes.

AGR arranges item card information across five tabs.

  • Chart

  • Grid

  • Details

  • Plans

  • Customers

Double click on any item in Items, Orders, Plans or Reports to open its item card.

Item Card toolbar

The toolbar holds several areas where you can customize the item card according to your needs. The list below explains each area from left to right.

Lock/unlock item in item card

This is set to unlocked by default. As you move between items in the grid above the item card, the item card will consistently display information about the currently highlighted item. Click the lock icon to look at one specific item card while moving between items in a grid. Once locked, the icon will appear with a purple shadow.

Item name and number

The second area on the left side of the toolbar, you can always see the name and number of the item you're viewing.

Item Location

The location name will appear after item name and number. If item is available in more than one location, you can select different location in the location dropdown as shown in video below.


AGR assigns labels to each item depending on its status in the inventory at the location being viewed. You can read more about each label in Inventory Insights.


View the item image by clicking the picture button in the toolbar. The image appears on the left side of the item card when enabled. This option only appears if you have completed the steps in Add item images to AGR.

Item Details

Click the information icon to open item details for that item at the chosen location in a sidebar to the right of the item card.

Open in new window or area of AGR

To open the item card in a new window or to look at information about this item in other modules of the system, click the Open in… button. When clicked, a dropdown menu will appear asking you if you would like to open the item card in a new window, navigate to Sales Plan or navigate to Purchase Plans.


Close the item card by clicking on the close button in the right corner of the toolbar. You can open the item card again by double clicking an item in the grid or by clicking the item card button in toolbar above the grid.

Tabs bar

AGR lets you view and modify different information for an item in each of five tabs.

  • The chart visually represents inventory data, including sales history, future demand, outstanding orders, and stock levels, among other metrics.

  • Grid is a table with same information as the chart.

  • Details holds more information about the item at the selected location.

  • Plan connects the item with its plans.

  • Customers breaks down the item by past sales to individual customers.

The configuration options vary slightly for each tab, with detailed explanations provided in corresponding articles for each tab.

Time period and length

You can change the time period and length of time displayed in Chart, Grid, Plan and Customer tabs of the item card.

  • By clicking on the name of the period, you can switch between viewing the information on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

  • By clicking the arrows or entering a number, you can adjust the time frame for the historic and future period displayed in the item card.


You can recalculate the information in item card by clicking the calculator button. This button is only displayed in tabs where there is something to recalculate, more precisely only in Chart, Grid and Plan tabs. Keep in mind that most of the data in the item card will automatically recalculate and refresh except for Estimated Future Deliveries, BOM Demand and Distribution Demand. As both BOM Demand and Distribution Demand affect Total Demand, that series might also change when using the recalculate button.

Tips for using the Item Card

Open the item card in another window and move it to another screen to free up space when working with more than one screen when you want to

  • quickly compare an item in one location with the same item in another location

  • compare the item with other items by locking the item card

  • have more than one tab in the item card open at the same time

    • Open the item card in another window and select the tab you want to compare against.

You can see in video below how to specifically open the item card in another window

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