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Make item images available to AGR via
Make item images available to AGR via
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In this guide, you will learn how to make item images available to AGR, using ImageKit, a free 3rd party image management service. You will need all your item images stored in the same format (i.e. .jpg or .png), with file names corresponding to the item number, e.g. A12345.jpg before starting.


  1. Create a free account Register on - A complete solution for images on web and apps

  2. The first time you log into Imagekit, choose your Imagekit ID on the Get Started page.

3. Once logged into Imagekit, go to Media libary in Settings ( disable the “Ensure unique image names during upload” setting.

4. Save

5. Hard-refresh the page by pressing ctrl.+f5 on your keyboard.

6. Navigate to Media library and click the +New button to create a folder.

7. Navigate to your new folder and upload all your item images into it.

8. Make sure that the file name for items corresponds to the item number (case sensitive) and that all files are of the same format (.jpg or .png).

9. Right click one of your images, and choose Copy URL. Open a new tab in your browser and paste the URL into it. The URL should look like the examples below.

You can now configure AGR to display item images using your Image Kit server, as described in Add item images to AGR.

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