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Add item images to AGR
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You can add images of your items to the Item Card in AGR, as shown below, using an image server.

If you do not have an image server, see Make item images available to AGR to learn to create one. Once you have an image server, follow the instructions below to add images to AGR item cards.

Image server

An image server that allows image lookup by item number is necessary. See below for an example.

Adding images to item cards

Once you have an image server, for example, for your webstore, you can configure AGR to fetch images from the server using the steps below.

  1. go to Settings

  2. select General

  3. find the Item Card section

  4. input the URL prefix and postfix. Put "item_no" in the Image Lookup Property

Viewing images

After configuring the settings:

  1. Hard refresh (ctrl. +F5).

  2. Navigate to Items.

  3. Open an item card for a product.

  4. Click the product image button.

You should now see the item image.

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