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Review order proposals
Review order proposals
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Reviewing the order proposals created by AGR is an important step in the order process. This article covers both how AGR calculates order proposals and how you can modify them.

Find order proposals

Once an order has been created it will appear with an In Process status in Orders. The next step is reviewing the order.

To open the order lines and review the order proposal, select the order you would like to review by clicking on the blue order name. To see more information about each item, open the Item Card and highlight an item line. For information on the order calculations, open the Info side panel.

Order calculations

AGR uses a formula to calculate order proposals. You cannot change the formula, but it is useful to know what it is.

Order formulas

  1. Proposed order quantity = Demand for the order period + Safety Stock + Min Stock – Stock on hand – Undelivered orders rounded up to the minimum order quantity and order multiples.

  2. Special order items = Demand in the order calculation above = Open Sales Orders

You can change any information in the green columns.

When reviewing the orderlines, the proposed order quantity is displayed in the green Qty (base units) and Qty (order multiples) columns.

The user can change the green Qty columns directly as needed. A solid green bar will appear in the in any cell where you have overridden the order proposal.

Open the Info side panel to view the Result Breakdown of the order calculation. Results Breakdown shows the calculations both graphically and numerically.

If the order Qty is not at the level expected, reviewing the order breakdown will help you estimate the accuracy of the demand. You can decide which data needs to be adjusted, such as safety stock levels (confidence factor), order multiples, minimum order quantities, Demand.

The more accurate the data you put into AGR, the better the order proposals will be. Over time, you will spend less time reviewing orders since the proposals will better fit your business.

ERP data

The data fields Stock, Undelivered, Order Multiple, Min Order Qty and Min Stock in the order calculation come from the ERP. Those fields can be adjusted in the ERP while Min Stock can also be adjusted in the Item Card/Details section.

Demand & safety stock for order period

Demand and Safety Stock are pre-determined in AGR as the sum over the order period. To understand how AGR determines this data, see Sales planning and Safety stock.

Order period

If an order is manually created, the user can select the date range for inclusion in the order period when creating the order.


Filtering allows you to adjust the order view to best fit your needs. AGR has several types of filters built into the system.

Pre-defined filters

AGR includes three pre-defined filters for easy access to your data:

  • My orders displays only orders created by the user logged into AGR.

  • Order from the last 24 hours displays only orders created by the user logged into AGR from the preceding 24 hours from now.

  • Orders greater than null (0) shows only orders where the Qty proposed is greater than 0.

Column Filters

Column filters appear at the top of each column. Entering a value into the filter will allow you to find corresponding data within the column.

Applying Column Filters is a quick way to look up a subset of rows.


Search by entering the desired search term into the** Search dropdown**. AGR will return any row that contains the search term.

Searchable columns are:

  • Vendor

  • Item Number

  • Responsible

  • Location


AGR can automatically constrain orders to satisfy or surpass pre-defined order constraints.

Recalculate orderlines

You can recalculate specific orderlines by selecting them and then clicking on the calculator icon.

Recalculating orderlines is useful if something has changed since AGR created the order proposal. Some changes that can impact the order proposal include:

  • updated stock data

  • updated undelivered data

  • updated confidence factor that alters the safety stock, or

  • modified sales plan

  • undo a constraint.

To recalculate the order Qty to display as it was prior to a Constraint being applied, select all lines in the order and click on Recalculate

Delete orders

Some order proposals will not be required. You can delete in process order proposals by

  1. selecting the order proposal(s) to delete

  2. clicking the trash icon in the top-right corner, and

  3. A pop-up box will appear asking for confirmation of deletion.

  4. clicking on the red Delete button.

Sync Grid

The Sync Grid button is used to refresh the data in the view.

Export to Excel or .csv

To export the shown order data,

  1. Click on the Export icon.

  2. Choose Excel Export or CSV Export from the list.

The file will be created and downloaded to your computer.

Confirm orders

Complete your order review process by confirming the entire order.


Only whole orders can be confirmed, not individual order lines

  1. Select the order.

  2. Click the green confirm button.

  3. A pop-up box will appear, asking for confirmation.

  4. Click on the green Confirm box to send the order to the ERP.

The order status will first be Confirmed and then Transferred when it has been received by the ERP.


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