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How to locate and configure the information displayed in AGR's dashboard.

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The dashboard is the first thing you see when you open AGR Essentials. It gives you a quick, thorough and customisable view of the status of your stock.

AGR pre-set the dashboard with the sections shown above. You can customize each section by clicking on the more menu (three dots):

Inventory management

The Demand management and Life cycle management sections show the reports connected to each heading.

These sections are pre-set with standard reports, but you can add or remove reports as you wish.

  • Add reports by selecting the report to add from the dropdown menu.

  • Remove reports from the section by clicking on the "X" next to the report you would like to remove.

Don't forget to click on save after adding or removing reports.

Inventory insights

The four inventory insights charts give you a quick view of common inventory issues.

Click on the chart elements to view the reports behind the graphs.

You can customise Stock health, Overstocked, and High forecast uncertainty to show either the item count or stock value in the chart. This is not available for Risk of stockout.

  • Click the filter to add any number of filters by Location, Primary vendor, Item group, Responsible, or Open/Closed.

    • Add a filter by clicking on the arrow, then on the selected filter(s) to add. Remember to click on update to apply the filters.

    • Remove a filter by clicking on the "x" next to its name and then on update.

  • Click on the Open report button to open the report that powers the chart. This will take you away from the dashboard.

  • Click on the "i" button to find out more information on each section.

Finding the dashboard

The dashboard is accessible from anywhere in the system by clicking on the AGR logo in the navigation bar.


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