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Updated over a week ago

AGR focussed on improvements and bug fixes after August's big feature releases.


1. Dashboard

The dashboard was the lucky recipient of three improvements this release.

  • The reports widgets update as soon as reports are added or removed.

  • Clicking on the chart widgets leads you directly to the underlying report.

  • The dashboard now handles null values seamlessly.

2. Item card

The item card details resize smoothly as the rest of the card is resized. The Customer tab now includes sales that do not have a specific customer.

3. Stockout bridging

Found in the item card, Stockout bridging is now more stable.

4. Estimated future stock through API

The estimated future stock available through the open API is now calculated on a weekly basis.

5. Exporting to Excel

You can now export data that includes special characters to Excel successfully.

6. Reports list

Your favourite reports appear at the top of the reports list sidebar.

Bug fixes

1. Empty order lines

If an item that is part of a order that is in process in AGR is removed from the ERP before the order is transferred, that item will now be removed from the pending order.

2. Execution list

Clicking on an order created item in the execution list dropdown will take you to the Orders area of AGR.

3. Line count

The line count for selected lines now updates correctly.

4. Order date filtering

The Order Date filter works as expected in the Order grid.

Other fixes and improvements

Minor changes were made in the system to improve stability, performance, and user experience.

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