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New features

1. Customer breakdown in Item Card

The new Customers tab in the item card lets you take control of each item's sales history by customer. You can exclude certain vendors and even specific sales from the sales history to give you a more targeted forecast for each item.

AGR is rolling out this feature. If you don't see it, contact your customer success representative.


You have been asking for it, and now you can control how AGR handles sales orders.

1. Sales orders

AGR has given you more control over whether to include sales orders in demand calculations. Go to the Orders tab of Settings to tell AGR how you would like it to deal with sales orders. By default, Sales Orders are set to Conditional. They will only be included in demand if they are higher than the total demand for the period.

2. Purchase plans

Purchase Plans now allows you to override the planned values just like in Sales Plan. AGR improved Purchase Plans to allow you to view you plans in Order Multiples, Purchase Units and Pallets.

3. Order frequency

The default order frequency in days is now 30 days. You can change the order frequency using bulk update.

4. Stockout bridging

The default Maximum Number of Days to Bridge is now set to 90 days. Go to the Forecast tab in Settings to adjust the default.

Bug fixes

1. Order views

Refreshing the order view now respects the Order Id filter.

2. Information bar

The total quantity shown in the information bar now updates automatically along with changes to the view.

Other fixes and improvements

Minor changes were made in the system to improve stability, performance, and user experience.

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