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Item Card Plan
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The Plans tab in the item card shows the data series used in planning for that item for the selected time period and duration.

Data series

To add or remove data series rows from the Plan tab,

  1. Click on the Data Series icon to the right of the Plan tab to display the data series already selected.

  2. Select the data series you want to add to the view from the dropdown menu.

  3. Drag and drop the data series by holding the left mouse button down to reorder the series.

The Plan view will then display the data series in your chosen order.

Changing data

Changing data in the Plan tab will update that date in both the chart and the grid.

To see the updates made in the Plan tab,

  1. Navigate to the Plans module.

  2. Press the Sync grid icon to reflect the changes.

Any changes made in the Plans module will also be reflected in the Plan tab of the item card once the Sync grid icon in the Plans module has been pressed.

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