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Special order items
Special order items

AGR handles special order items differently than items that are kept in stock regularly.

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Special order items are products that are not actively replenished and are not generally available without being specifically manufactured or ordered. AGR does not create a statistical forecast for these items or track stockout. Special order items play a significant role in satisfying customer requests and fulfilling orders for items that are not regularly stocked.

Special order items

Compared to regularly ordered items, special order items serve as a means to purchase and track items that deviate from regular inventory processing and enable businesses to handle specialized or customized products, as well as items with limited availability, ensuring that demands are met efficiently.

Mark an item as a special order item

You can tell AGR that any item is a special order items through the integration to your ERP, or by registering it in AGR under item details, for individual items, or through bulk update for several items at once.

You can include the Special Order Item column in any grid to see at a glance which items are set as special order items. Adding the Open sales order quantity column allows you to also view how many units of that item are included in an open sales order.

Special order items and forecasting

AGR does not produce forecasts for special order items. Demand for special order items is solely based on open sales orders. AGR will not suggest ordering an special order item unless there is an open sales order for the item.

The order formula for special order items is the same as for any other item with the exception that the demand is based on open sales order quantity in the order period, and safety stock is not added on top as there is no forecast.

AGR helps you recognize special order items with a specific order exception.

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