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New features

AGR is excited to introduce forecast profiles. Forecast profiles offer the ability to introduce seasonality to items where AGR has not yet detected seasonality based on the item's sales history.

You create, edit, and apply forecast profiles in the details area of the Item card. As soon as a profile is applied, the item card will update based on that profile. The example below shows a new item that will be seasonal over the Christmas season.

Read all about this new feature in the Forecast profiles article.


1. Item chart

The beloved AGR item chart received a big makeover this month for improved customization, data visualization, and navigation.

The chart colours have changed to fit the newest AGR look while keeping the old favourites that AGR customers know well.

New legend!

The elements are now grouped according to type. Clicking on any group or element will hide or add it to the chart.

The icons in the legend have also been updated for better usability.

Estimated Future Deliveries Stock

AGR automatically calculates future stock based on estimated future deliveries. This is unique from estimated stock, which is based on stock already on hand or confirmed undelivered stock.

Sale comments

Comments added in the item grid are now also available in the chart's tooltip. The following gif shows how the sales history can be edited in the grid, and a comment is left for future reference.

Order period when viewing in Orders

When reviewing orders, the order period of the selected order line is highlighted with a green background.

All of this and more is now available in AGR. Learn all about the new item chart in our article on the Item Card.

Bug fixes

1. Item card

The item image in the item card now resizes correctly. The Plans view refreshes as changes are made.

2. Scheduled orders

A bug that was causing some scheduled orders to have a first order date on the day the order is run has been fixed so the first order date is the following day.

3. Filtering

Several filters throughout the system have been made more stable.

4. Connected items

Connected items with a date before 01/01/2000 will no longer vanish from AGR.

5. Stockout bridging

Bridged Stockout Sale has been moved from the 'Demand' data series group to the 'History' group.

6. Dashboard resizing

AGR improved its dashboard so it resizes when viewed on mobile devices.

7. Item groups in Orders

You can now see the item groups in the AGR Order's area.

Other fixes and improvements

Minor changes were made in the system to improve stability, performance, and user experience.

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