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Updated over a week ago

New features

1. Stockout bridging

AGR introduces stockout bridging to improve forecasting for items that experience periods of stockout. Learn more about this exciting new feature in our article on stockout bridging.

2. Best practices in knowledge base

We added best practices to our knowledge base. Go there to find videos and articles about getting started and diving deeper in AGR.


This month's improvements centre around transparency. Improved descriptions, calculations, and time periods are just a few of the changes that help you have more control and understanding of your data and the AGR system.

1. More accurate time periods

AGR uses historical sales data in several ways. To be sure you know what data is being used, we updated the some MBE column headings and descriptions to better reflect the time periods in AGR.

2. Lead time data mapping

Lead time is so important for your business and use of AGR. We improved lead time data mapping from BC to AGR to ensure the proper information is shared.

3. Bulk update

Bulk updates allow you to modify the values for any number of items at one once. To get the most out of bulk update, you need to know what you are updating, so we added better descriptions to the feature.

4. First sale date into forecast

The First Sale Date into Forecast lets AGR know from when it should take historical sales data to create statistical forecasts. AGR will calculate the First Date Sale Date into Forecast for an item based on the number of historical months or weeks set in the Forecast tab of Settings.

The date calculated appears in the Item Details sections of the Item Card.

You can override the global setting by entering a new date in the First Sale Date into Forecast field.

5. Sale label in Item Card chart

The Item Card chart now has an element labelled Sale to better capture the data used. It takes the place of Adjusted Sale.

6. BOM consumption aggregation

BOM consumption in the Item Card chart now aggregates correctly.

7. Closed items in Plans

You can now access your closed items in Plans.

Bug fixes

1. Sales plan

Fixed the error that came up when deleting values in Sales Plan.

2. Column filters

Adding new column filters no longer causes the app to hang.

3. Changing order view

The orange indicator that shows an order view has been changed now vanishes when you undo the order view changes.

4. Connected items

Connected items shows the correct values under all circumstances.

5. Daily job calculations

The Daily Job calculations are more stable than ever.

6. Stockout expected column

The Stockout Expected column now correctly populates.

7. Sales orders

Sales orders now includes orders from all locations.

Other fixes and improvements

Minor changes were made in the system to improve stability, performance, and user experience.

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