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We released improvements to the Order Grid, Dashboard, and much more this month!

Updated over a week ago


Data transparency is central to your work in AGR, so we added more data columns to the order grid, Items, and Reports.

Order grid

You can now add the following columns to the order grid and use them to sort, group, and filter.

  • Forecast Next 30 Days

  • Demand Next 30 Days

  • Sale Qty. Last Month,

  • Sale Qty. Last 3 Months

  • Sale Qty. Last 6 Months

  • Sale Qty. Last 12 Months

Grouping orders according to Order Exceptions is now possible as well. We also did some back-end changes so that the order grid responds faster to your changes.

Scheduled order columns

We introduced new columns to help you better track your scheduled orders in Items and Reports. Add these columns and filter on them through View Settings.

Column name


Included in scheduled order(s)

If Yes, then the item is on at least one scheduled order. If No, then the item is not on any scheduled order.

Scheduled orders name(s)

The names of the scheduled orders that include this item. If the item is not included in any scheduled orders, this will be blank.

Date of the next scheduled order

Date of the next scheduled order for this item

Order period of the next scheduled order

The order period in days for the next scheduled order. Order period = order frequency + lead time


The Dashboard was improved so that key reports now updates automatically with changes and the filters fit better in the widgets.


  • In filters that allow lists, you can now use commas, semicolons, tabs and line breaks to separate the items in the list.

  • Now you can see Demand from other locations when you are using Plans in AGR.

  • We improved the performance of Custom Columns.

Bug fixes

  1. Aggregation working correctly for estimated stock

  2. API stability improved

  3. Plans save button colour corrected to better reflect user actions

  4. Customer breakdown UX/UI sizing issue fixed in the item card

  5. Order Constraints function more stable than ever

Other fixes and improvements

Minor changes were made in the system to improve stability, performance, and user experience.

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